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About Us
Dongguan Fengye Hardware Products Co., LTD. - Professional zinc. Aluminum alloy die casting customized enterprises. Zinc alloy die casting available. Aluminum alloy die-casting and other special products production, the factory has a self-built workshop, well-equipped, 100 employees, more than professional die-casting engineers and design and development personnel, with several sets of 160 tons of zinc alloy die-casting machine and 200-280 tons of aluminum alloy die-casting machine, dozens of 16T-100T punch, 160T-350T hydraulic press, laser cutting 2 sets, CNC bending 3 sets, high speed punching machine 1 set, CNC punching machine multiple sets, etc. Die department wire cutting machine, milling machine grinding machine, lathe. Spark machine and a series of equipment.Have professional product design,...
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Why choose us?

Production Advantages

Die casting process enables rapid prototyping

Fast mass production

Die castings have a high surface finish and usually do not require secondary processing

The die casting process has high material utilization rate and less waste, which helps to reduce raw material costs and production costs, and is more environmentally friendly

Die castings have high density, compact structure, high mechanical strength and hardness, and are suitable for application scenarios with high strength requirements.

Professional after-sales service

Production Advantages
Factory Strength

Factory Strength

Dozens of 16T-100T punch presses

Hydraulic press, laser cutting, CNC bending

Limited cutting, lathe, grinder, spark machine

Various Certificates

Reliable Quality

Stable supply

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